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TR519 Showcase LED Strip light 17W/M

Prod No.:TR519


Input voltage:DC12V


Luminous flux:1850-2050



Carton size(±10mm):105*105*1000

Describe -TR519 Showcase LED Strip light 17W/M

 TR519 LED Cabinet & Display Lighting are designed for use in a number of different applications in the retail and display sectors. They adds sparkle to merchandise.Its can be supplied in any length up to 2 meters.The height of the supporting rod can be adjustedDriver,End cap and supporting tube are included.

TR519 Showcase LED Strip light

Technical Specs.

  Item No.   TR519
  Voltage   DC12V
  LEDS   72 PCS 5050 SMD LEDS
  Watts   17.3
  Color Temp   3000K,4500K,6000K
  Custom size   Available
  Milky PC Cover   Available
  Clear PC Cover   Available