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TR101 Mini LED track lighting fixtures for showcases

Prod No.:TR101

Wattage:3W/per track heads

Input voltage:AC/DC12-24V

LED source:OSRAM

Luminous flux:150-200/track heads



Carton size(±10mm):

Describe -TR101 Mini LED track lighting fixtures for showcases
This mini led tracking lighting fixtures are designed in a mini size.It’s great for multi functional applications that is narrow or limited.You can install them easily with our mini track series,and aim the led spotlights to the position you want to hightlight the products. It is widly used in merchandise display lighting,showcase lighting,jewelry store display lighting and etc.


  • Operate on AC/DC12-24V.
  • Easy installation with our mini track series.
  • Customized sizes available.
  • Quantity of mini led track heads can be added freely.
  • Build in long lasting Osram LEDS.
  • Can be used inside the showcases.