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Process of Quality Control
1. Monitor plant establish personal responsibility, the timely development or revision and strict enforcement of rules to abide by production discipline.
2. Supervise production of the factory do a good job of civilization, especially the production of good order and reasonable with station equipment to ensure the smooth flow of production. Greening of the environment, prevent pollution and dust. Enhanced site management, vigorously promote “6S” management (set, straighten, sweep, settle, sustain, safety).
3. Supervision of the factory to do the preparatory work before production, reasonable arrangements for production planning.
4. Supervise plant equipment maintenance work to organize and maintain the technical equipment in good condition. Repair equipment to meet quality standards. To improve tooling, ensure that workers, card, amount, quality precision cutting tools.
5. Good materials, supplies quality management. Stringent storage materials inspection and acceptance of substandard materials and contrary to the contract may be returned or rejected. Strengthen the material storage to prevent damage or deterioration. Improve service quality, ensure timely supply. Those who purchase and underwriting by the materials sector products, materials departments of materials, quality of the material in the end.
Quality Warranty
TRIVERS LED “Warranty Period” will begin at the date of original product purchase from either TRIVERS LIGHTING, or an authorized TRIVERS LIGHTING Distributor/Dealer.TRIVERS LIGHTING will repair or replace product covered under this warranty with components of TRIVERS LIGHTING’s election or discretion. Advances in technology my lead to “better or advanced” products being selected for replacement. (Advances in technology my lead to “better or advanced” products is being selected for replacement.)
This Warranty is further conditioned on the purchaser contacting TRIVERS LIGHTING during the warranty period between normal business hours to review issue and initiate the Return Material Authorization (RMA) process. This must be done prior to the return of any defective product. Only TRIVERS LIGHTING manufactured products may be returned through the TRIVERS LIGHTING RMA process. No defective products, TRIVERS LIGHTING or otherwise, will be returned to purchaser.
The TRIVERS LIGHTING RMA form must be legible and completed in detail prior to approval for return. The TRIVERS LIGHTING Warranty is further conditioned and will only apply to TRIVERS LIGHTING products that are properly installed. This includes wiring and connection to proper approved components and product working environments. This Warranty is void and does not apply to products that fail as a result of neglect, mistake, misuse, alteration, or that is improperly installed and implemented. This includes but is not limited to: improper wiring, installation under improper and non-approved operating environment such as temperature, humidity or voltage conditions; improper installation using components that are not approved or are not TRIVERS LIGHTING manufactured products.
What is not covered under this Limited Warranty is defects of any kind caused or created by improper installation of any kind; damaged caused during shipping to purchaser or beyond; “acts of Nature or God.” TRIVERS LIGHTING  will not cover additional labor cost or Warranty such labor associated with replacement product. This Warranty document represents the only express or implied Warranty—no other Warranties exist.